Abby Hollander is a singer, bassist and guitarist, and songwriter originally from Woodstock, NY.  Coming from a family of musicians, she was raised on an eclectic mix of bluegrass, country, and jazz – which were played on the stereo a little and the back porch a lot.  In her travels so far she’s studied voice, violin, and theatre, absorbed some swing and blues from a stint in Austin, taught English to little kids in Spain, taught Spanish to little kids in Brooklyn, and moved a piano across the country twice to finally settle in New York and make music.  Abby was recently honored in the songwriting competition at the 2014 Podunk Bluegrass Music Festival with awards for two of her original songs, 'Darlin City' and 'Loneliness Here'. 

The debut album from Abby Hollander Band, featuring many of Abby's songs, is now available on iTunes and Amazon. 

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 Abby Hollander

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